Cant verify in server

my roblox account age is like 6, well i set the date of birth to 2013. so like i have to wait til 2026 til my account is 13 years old. can i verify another way like join someone or set my bio to something? would appreciate

also support says they rely on the date of birth i gave when i signed up so that wont work

Your account age doesn’t really matter you should still be able to verify.

You can’t use applications if your account age underage and the verification system uses applications

Your account has to be 13+ in order to verify and there is no other way to verify. You could create a new account and verify with that one, but you won’t be able to get in with any accounts that are under 13

My acc isnt 13+ but if I make a new acc I will lose everything

Then you won’t be able to join the discord server. Simple as that

Yea, I have the same problem. Talk to Roblox support about it. They were not at all helpful to me, but they may be to you. I just live with it.

Me too