Cant verify on discord

Should i create a alt and request to be reranked. Don’t say contact rblx support. Any other ideas?
Or should i just grind on the alt to become SI.

Delete your main then create your alt. You are not allowed to have an alt to gain ranks in Stateview. If you can’t delete your alt then you can’t do nothing.

You’re allowed to have alts. Alts are only prohibited if you’re trying to bypass a punishment such as game bans, blacklists, etc

But you shouldn’t, you can’t get EHR if you have any alts.

Nah, we kick alt accounts within the discord

Don’t necropost.

nvm just used a alt

I created a new discord account and my main is still up, But I no longer use my main due to it having a problem.

(EDIT): The new discord account never got banned