Cars and stuff pls

Can we get heli and cars. And for the heli can there be a option for a sniper so we can have a sharp shooter to kill crims and prisoners who are trying to escape

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Good idea, maybe in v3. Probobly not though.

Where would we need this for? “Driving into city” LOL? And a heli, being in the Air just waiting to spot a crim… not worth the devs time…

The map is small, plus most activity is within the prison campus. If you were to add mobile tools, my suggestion would most likely be segways.

Bro I think you do you live in lag city?

I definitely agree. They are in the thumbnail, why not in the game?

Because the game is about what’s INSIDE of the prison, not cars and stuff.

Yeha, but in the thumbnails. It shows cars and helicopters. Maybe it’s a future update?

Yeah it might be a future update- if all the lag went down.