Cars in Stateview

As you may noticed cars are being added on stateview within 2 weeks. I want to know what you think about it because I had the feeling that more people didnt eant this than people eqnted this. I personally think the map is too small and I dont want a bigger map. But thats just my opinion. Im just curious.

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Tbh I think it will be to laggy even if they added cars make a currency where you had to pay for them and the map is to small.

They are going to make the map bigger but still, its supposed to be a prison game and not a police game. I dont see the need in adding cars to SV

I dont think cars are needed at the moment, its possible that this map update will be so big that the use of vehicles will be needed. Unlikely but possible.

They have been confirmed and will be adeed.

Not really confirmed to be added but yes a higher chance than before, but remember the update can get cancelled anytime.


This might be the most hated updates.

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It can get cancelled but so far, if he wont listen to the community, he and 4D will make this update.

The city will be expanded first so in that case cars might be fine? But not sure I think this might get cancelled.

They did do a poll on the discord saying to add cars or inrease the map and the cars update later on

Yes, there wasnt a option to vote for completely not adding cars nor extending the map. The map is big enough for 40 players, we dont need more.

Well, if cars are going to be added, guns would need to slow vehicles down which can be complicated. Shooting down tyres would be more tricky to be added. More lag would occur. But overall, more fun will be given!

Make it like ERLC where you can shoot the tires and then you’d have to repair ya car,

But where would people get the drill from to fix the car? DOT people have drills.

Nah. Respawn it near Criminal spawn is better.

I think cars could be fun to do rounds around the outside prison wall but I don’t think they should be used to hunt Criminals

Well cars are be added if you like it or not

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Coming when frankie finds a modeller :eyes:

Don’t let frankie here this
[spoiler]he’s a bit you know.[/spoiler]

First of all, there are like Helis and Tanks in the thumbnail, but heck, there’s nothing like that in-game. Thing is, I think it would be really cool, but, the map is too small, criminals don’t really need cars. Like prison life, a classic prison game, the map is bigger, and can really use some cars, but this game, doesn’t really require cars at all. And for the fact that Correction Officers/staff cannot exit the prison, so why cars?