Change admin client

The Basic Admin Essentials 2.0 Client has a fair bit to offer, but one client that can offer even more, is Adonis Admin. It allows you to have a lot more variation in commands, and basically works better.

Not the best admin type. My fav admin is: “UwU drippy girl water admin”

You should try!

I hav on brainel left pls left me kep it

But seriously, I don’t think Stateview will be changing their current admin provider.
-Knight_Blox9977, Warden.

Reason for change? There is none. And adonis has some security issues.

If anything we should change to Adonis. So we have the command bar and everything. Though, adonis wouldn’t allow the logging format we have with the current admin. I think the current admin functions just fine.

We do have a command bar it’s shows up by clicking ‘

We dont need more commands lol
Most commands are bl blacklisted anyways