Changes to Request Supervisor channel

I believe it would be a lot better to make it so that a CP+ posts the session they are wanting to host and then deletes when they find a supervisor or are no longer available. If possible, a bot function that sends a DM to anyone who posts every 25-30 minutes, asking if they’re still available and reminds them to delete it if not. It works if used as a first come first serve type of thing. I will say, it does open room for people to not supervise due to not wanting to supervise a certain person but I think that proves anyone who ignores their duties to ignore a specific person is likely not as professional and unbiased as they should be. Anyways, leave any ideas regarding this or any feedback for me to read please! Thank you.

Most FD+ in my experience already do first come first serve and the only real thing this update would change is having a reminder every 25-30 minutes saying if you still want to host

They can’t do that if the channel is locked to FD+, my main idea isn’t first come first serve for that regard it’s more of a flip of the channel usage. Having any CP able to post when they’d like to host and when FD’s are available they message the first CP in the channel and have them delete the message when the CP no longer wishes to host or has a supervisor to keep it clean and easy for FDs. Also a separate channel that FD+ can see and type in for trainings and PC+ i think it is to host Inspections and stuff. A way sort of like this.