CHR Indetification

After the last HR Examination, a lot of people are now in CHR team, And they have spectate session perk as a reward for his effort. But, During a session is really hard to check if a spectator is or no in CHR team, You need to go to discord and search by his name, This could be solved adding a little tag above a CHR person saying that he is a CHR. I would like if this got implemented to people know easily if a person have or no spectate permission. ( As CHR )

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I am against this, the host/spec or whoever is checking if they have CHR should not be lazy and be lazy enough not to ping someone in discord and click their name, it takes 30 seconds.

Former CAC/GA

Former CAC is pushing it u got CAC for 5m then it got reverted

Check promo logs I got promoted to CAC so I am hypothetically.