ClanLabs - XP Introduction

I’d like to suggest that Clanlabs is brought into Stateview with some new topics and benefits.

ClanLabs would enable for each officer to receive XP from Training & Shifts to slowly rank up with experience, which would remove levels.

To reduce abuse, Correctional Officers should only have a baton and cuffs that they cannot arrest with, ERT will have standard issued gear, Medical Officers will only have a taser and cuffs.

This would be a big help for everyone in stateview to reduce abuse.

They should only stun them not kill them.

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Plus, teamkill would be disabled to prevent abuse on other officers.

This would be abused so much, just imagine all the MO’s and CO’s abusing it and making the Warden role useless.

“but lots of wardens are abusers so we need something to hit them with”

But CO’s abuse aswell so this is an awful idea.

Hes trolling, he made so many troll replies, just ignore him