Clarify rulesets and offer proactive community outreach

I will keep it brief. This comes from a personal place but I maintain no hard feelings, it’s just bureaucracy.

I recently suffered a 7 day ban (appeals process pending, holiday season, ha) for command abuse, which, on its face, fair judgment.

The command abuse in question, however, was the use of refresh and resurrect to skip to town upon escape (never to escape cuffs or screw with officers, that one seemed obviously bad to me), or to change clothes once I had escaped.

I bought the command pack today, and I took the proactive route of googling and researching it first.

Nowhere did I come across the fact that criminals were not supposed to use it. In fact, it wasn’t until I appealed the sudden ban that I learned what my mistake was.

No moderator ever contacted or warned me, despite me being a two day old player and already quite invested (in time and money).

Now, this is not a thread for me to rant or try to speed up my appeal, I’m just providing context for this suggestion:

Please offer players once centralized place for the rules - all of the rules. Or, failing that, at least give players first warning on dumb offenses.

I do not want to break the rules. Had I known inmates shouldn’t use res/ref even for non-game breaking shortcuts - a feature I thought I paid for - I would not have used res/ref as an inmate.

However, after researching and googling (and double checking after learning of my mistake now), nowhere is that rule clarified. Which is really misleading to a player who buys a pack where that rule is specifically included.

The M4 seems much more gamebreaking, so it doesn’t seem like a reach for a player to use res to skip to town when not in a gunfight, as I did.

That doesn’t mean I think it should be okay to do, I’m just asking you to please at least lay out the rules explicitly before you - without prior warning - ban a committed player (who has paid upwards of $50 now) for a rule that literally cannot be found anywhere.

I do not intend to offend or attack anyone here, I understand you’re running a large operation and need the community to spot the blind angles sometimes, but a centralized rule set is definitely a blind angle here.

Thank you for reading.

The forum here should contain all rules. In-Game Rules & Moderation Guide

Further, it seems you were on inmate team every time you used ‘res’ command.

Now here are records of you using res while being cuffed on the same server of your ban:


I understand your frustration with the admin abuse rules not being clear enough. I have notified the community management department to try to get the rules clarified, but you can expect some time before they issue clarifications for every single rule.

According to logs, you have been unbanned and your appeal was accepted a day later on 12/26.

We also understand your concern about the skipping to town part of using res and I myself do not have any issues with that; understand that regular admins have no way of determining what you were doing when you used res, so there is no viable way to make this not against the rules for res abuse.

Thank you for reading and happy holidays.