Clipboard > Notepad

Make it so that instead of having to spam !notepad constantly, you just have a clipboard. It’s more RP friendly and you could make it so that the clipboard has multiple pages, which the notepad does not. The notepad also takes up a lot of screenspace and can be a bit annoying to constantly have it enabled. Thoughts?


Yes, I agree. I get kinda nervous when I do it in a session, cause I feel like a host will get mad at me for not using PTS.

I like this idea, functionality and a contribution to roleplay.
I think we should have a notepad tool, that functions like the !notepad command and is descrete and then a clipboard for higher ranks such as W, SI etc.

I normally type /c system in chat before using the command so that the host can’t see me chat.

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I was wondering how ppl could Pm without showing thing in chat thx for telling me the command.

You can use the /e command thing or channel system to avoid showing it. The host shouldn’t get angry at you if you use it though


if you have hr+ admin or smthyou can press ` on your keyboard. The command bar will show on top of your screen

Yeah, I agree with this! The main issue I find with the notepad is that there isn’t enough space to write down everything you want. This would be much better funtionality-wise.

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