Control Panel Abuse

Hear me out…

There maybe a subject already about it but…ok

The CR Panel is abused by COMM-, so…

As we know COMM+ are physically activate the LD but it should be changed to only DW+ who are actually supposed to be the people who are only allowed to activate LD…

In sense: DW+ have the only power to turn on LD
ERT- Should NOT be able to open the panel
COMM- Shouldn’t be able to use the panel either cause of many types of abuse too. Also they shouldn’t have any reason to turn on anything there

During Shifts it’s very annoying when an ERT comes up to the panel and turns off the LD cause it’s “too loud…” And that is very annoying cause it will disturbe the flaulency of the shift.

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Idc This is Important as No one has stated that DW+!!!

Uhm yes they have before check the search bar.

I just revived a topic about the search bar and no one is still using the search bar?

I told you

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