Control Room locked behind keypad/keycard reader

I am referring to this magnificent post Guard ID’s. Having the CR locked behind a keycard reader, locked door, keypad, etc. would be useful because I keep seeing annoying ERTs, CAOs and COs who come inside and sometimes become annoying. Especially ERT’s who abuse the LD/lights and also doors. This would be helpful and make it less painful for actually decent players to play the game (most of the pain is caused by crims).

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For real, we need keycards. Like we know they are learing in our community but SI’s get stressed out somtimes from people keep abusing it, the amount of times Si’s say " W1 " it’s insane. It’s too annoying for Si’s.


I agree. Quite honestly it’s just ridiculous the amount of LD/CR abuse that occurs due to this…


I think locking the door would not be apropriated because it can be an local to circulate . Locking the terminal for lower ranke would be good.

Ik im PI.

I would love it if we could add this! Everyone comes in making it crowded and false LDs.

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