Create a discord channel where DW+ have to log Votekicks

Make a channel on discord where DW+ have to log all votekicks.


Make a role that will check over all the vote kicks and see whether they were valid, if they were not they would issue them with staff warnings, after so many false kicks they would be given a punishment.

I think there is already vote-kick logs, which FD+ can see, the logs are logged by a bot connected through an API.

coolgsvirk1, Warden.


Yeah, thought so too.

TheAdventurer64, Deputy Warden

This could be an issue for a few reasons, not every (D)W has discord (me included) and also, sometimes you could have to log a ridiculous vote kick then get demoted. LuckyMcDuckster, Warden.

If you don’t have discord, then you just wouldn’t be allowed to VK. This system would be one of the only ways to stop 90% of the VKAers. And i would rather have a lot less VKA then some people not being allowed to VK

I think due to the fact that they are already logged and the VKAers still do it they would still do it, even if they are not allowed to. We would need a system that would detect if someone has a verified account on the server with the same name when submitting a votekick, if you didnt log your votekick a bot would send you a message and its automatically logged as a staff warning. This would definitly help but it would probably be hard to code.

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Having just a rule that they would have to log it would make it extremely easy to catch and gban them, just make not logging a VK gbannable

Lol, me when I didn’t have disco! XD

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