Creating inmate organisations | Suggestion

Amenities, Stateview Community. Since teaming is a known way to escape from the prison facility as an Inmate, the Development Team should implement an option to make organisations (gangs, mafias) like in real life. We all know that there are prison gangs, so why not make one in Roblox? I know, it is a place for children, but by adding this new feature you’re not violating any Terms of Service.

What would it do?
It is very simple. If this feature gets implemented into the game, inmates will be allowed to make their own organisations and have some perks. It might cost R$, it might be free. The choice belongs to the Development & Ownership Team.

Thanks, let me know what you think in the comments.

  • ValuedEnough

Sounds boring just like sv rn sv is gonna be boring and adding features to the game no matter what it wont make it fun its a prison game Not a gang game

I think it would be a good idea I think give them radios and a car or sum and it would work well

No radios and cars, that would be over powered and pretty unfair to the cops. If you have 2-3 kids who are experienced in combat and have a gun, a car, and a radio, the game would be impossible to play on the cops team. I do think it is a great idea, but I think the only purpose of the feature should just be that you maybe have a tag above your head.

I agree with this, it will make the game more fun for the criminal side playerbase as there’s no much way of communicating with your other teamates by chatting right beside them. Also I feel there should be currencies to buy better guns as it gets plain with the same gun each break in.

I didn’t even notice the time this was posted and as you can see the development team didn’t take any note of this. Kind of depressing…

Sounds cool but never gonna be used.