Cuff Wanted System

Stateview Prison used to have a wanted system, meaning that staff couldn’t use lethal force on an inmate unless the inmate has entered a restricted area. This system would be great for preventing abuse. Possibly removed due to bugs, if that is the case, I hope you can workout a better version. The wanted system increased the realistic characteristics of the game. Who else thinks they should bring it back?


I VERY STRONGLY DISAGREE with implementing it to everyone. This system had SO much bugs. Part of the reason i played it is because it had no system like that. Maybe implement it to comm- but it would still be very annoying.

Y’a, same I think implement for COMM- because generally most abusers are under this rank.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden

THIS IS THE BEST IDEA EVER as most of the abusers are COMM-, just make it only for them, and also, it would be really easy to add that you can only be frisked when you held a tool

Not so easy. What of there in a area that they cant be in. And before you say “well, just make them wanted” there is often a glitch or bug, and they dont get wanted. If you play prison life as a cop, try killing someone in the armory as a prisoners, it gives you a warning.

Ye, I do agree with this. I am just playing my music with the radio gamepass and I get killed or get maxed. Then I am wasting my time votekicking them.

Maybe so PI and bellow can only shoot and kill someone if they are wanted. But DW+ usally can be trusted to not kill everyone.