Cuffed invincibility glitch

So basically I got cuffed by a Police Officer and then he left. After that, I was stuck there not being able to move but I couldn’t be killed/tazed/damaged/cuffed. But I couldn’t reset or change teams or do anything rlly because the game thought I was in cuffs. I would send video evidence but Idk how.

Surely you should do the proof first (e.g.Video) and then you could send it to a CAC+.

By (SI) piggyegizianoITA
I think it can be solved this way.
Bye bye!

This happened to me and another prisoner. If you leave the game, you get put into max, which really sucks since waiting 2 minutes for nothing in a game isn’t fun, especially when you want some action.

This is a bug that really bothers me, but you have to think that if a person who is abusing both immate and policeman is caught in handcuffs to stop him, the abuser would just have to get out and come back in without any problems.

But there is a way, that is to call modcall or do the test and send it to the intel server.