Currency and purchasable weapons

As an Inmate, it can get pretty boring waiting around for a chance to break free, to escape stateview. Because of this, I believe that by adding in a currency and purchasable weapon system, the game would be more enjoyable for Inmates.


I think this would be a great idea, they should get the coins by doing chores in the prison

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Chores would be a great way to get coins. But maybe they could also get a set amount of coins every 15 or 20 minutes because of the number of abusers you can find in the game.

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If inmates have a massive amount of coins and buy guns won’t it cause mayhem, inmates should only be able to buy lockpicks or keycards

I agree.


That would make them defenceless, and the chances of you getting into ERT or CS spawns to get a weapon, ain’t gonna be likely.