Delete new rule that doesn't allow people to host sessions

Because of this new rule some people(Me - Pawelos01 [FD]) can’t complete their quota. This time start exactly after I come back from shool. Because of that some ranks will lost their ranks. I know, maybe Jimmy want to make people play for fun without sessions but without sessions some people are not having fun.

I agree. I think it should stay the same as it was.

This help certain timezones. They might add it so in each timezone different rules will apply.

As Trey already said in another reply, this is a step in the right direction towards having a more roleplay-based community. Prohibiting sessions during three hours could generate a player database that will grant each player opportunities to learn and work without needing trainings or shifts in order to “roleplay”. Reducing the amount of sessions hosted each day could also entice more people to attend. The more rare a session is, the more attendees there will be.