Delete Quota For All Ranks

I want the quota to be deleted because it’s very annoying that you have to do something or else you will get a punishment for something you forgot like me I forgot to put my real age on my Roblox account so right now I’m stuck in a hole because I can’t link my main account to discord meaning I can’t fulfill the quota because I can’t access the session ticket room so I’m right now going to have to face punishments because of something I messed up with and what’s worse is Roblox support won’t help me so for right now I’m stuck in a hole until Roblox change’s my age back to my real age so please can you remove the quota for everyone so then people can deal with Roblox like me

No. Just no.



Quota is the best way to keep the activity.
If you have problems, request LOA/Extended LOA

  • Henkka1981 - SI

Listen, without quota the rank structure would be horrendous.
We cant have inactive users. Inactive users will result in less operations and sessions being done.

CM | High Command


Add punishments in sted if failure to complete quota



lol wdym “remove quota” im very sorry but that is the worst thing i have heard this year so far

Hello john_buchho,

We will not be removing quota anytime soon, it is essential to keep the rank structure balanced and to keep track of inactive and active people. There is no good reason to remove quota.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management

No just no. Imagine you forgot to do your quota because your inactive then you would get a punishment, that’s just terrible

Bro, where did you get the idea to remove quota. Just because you got demoted from failure to complete quota doesn’t mean that you can whine about it and ask for it to be removed.

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Alright, Understood.

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AmaanchampVVIP3 SI

If there isn’t any quota, Stateview would be dead.

your braindead and high, no quota would mean a bunch of inactive dumbasses filling up the rank spots

Bro, are you okay? We need quotas for CP+ so we have shifts. Without quota, we won’t have sessions, resulting in fewer SI, fewer people to be CP+, and fewer sessions.

Random guy in Events.