Demoted the next day after training

I’m not sure why, but I did my first training a few days ago and I passed. I played a little bit but it was late so I went to bed. The next day I play stateview and im back to ERT despite seeing I was commander yesterday. Is there any reason why?

When you played did you have the rank then?
I can see the promotion logs and I cant see your username anywhere there.

Yeah I had the rank for the rest of the night i played, but for some reason it was gone the next day. (my roblox username is Robloxgamer_6322 if you need it maybe)

I think your best shot is appealing in the intel discord server

The host could have promoted you accidentally and then realised you were on Cooldown and demoted you back.

Board of Governors

It was my first training, so I don’t see why I would be on cooldown.

Cooldown also applies if you claim a rank.