Detailed Feature Requests

Hello! I am Silverlouis8, ranked Chairperson/CP here at Stateview Correctional Facility.

In this post, I will be explaining some features that I personally would like to be added to Stateview. Please comment your ideas towards this.


For those with no Robux, it is hard to gain weapons to fight of the guards. Obviously, temporary weapons. I have seen a post about this, and I totally agree.

This post does have some of my ideas regarding that post.

It also involves some non-weapon related ideas!

Now it’s time for the ideas!

Hidden Keycard

I possibly thought that there could be a Keycard that spawns ever 5/10 minutes. Maybe one in the Shower & one in the Cell Block under a table. Click/tap to get it, and you can use it like normal until you die - it will be removed.

Like I said, there is a cooldown for it every now and then. So there would only be 1 Keycard every 10 minutes (per spawn).


This would be a little harder to get. It would be in the corner slightly transparent on the corridors, anywhere, but I thought it could be near the Staff Command.

Yes, the normal knife that will go after death.

Reduce Level Up Pass

The ‘Level Up’ developer product is expensive. Going up 1 level for R$450. Maybe put it 200, and 150 for Premium Users.

Remove Warden Level Reward

I know Stateview has changed since the Level Update in V1, and I honestly do like it, but I think it should go up to Deputy Warden. To be Warden, you should attend a training so they know what to do.

It is possible to XP farm, so yeah, that’s one of my main ideas. Warden is a MR rank, very nearly HR.

I think the majority of people here would disagree, but it’s just an idea, and I personally like it.


Vote kicking. You do get abusers, and you can be terminated from abusing it. However, I think it is a good feature and shouldn’t be removed. I have some ideas to make it abuser-proof.

  1. Votekicks must be authorised by a CP+. When someone does a votekick, it will notify CP+ members to authorise/decline.

  2. Votekick makes it so the user cannot join back, which is like a server ban. My friend got invalidly kicked, and couldn’t rejoin - we were playing together. I think that Commander+ can use it to just kick, but Deputy Warden+ have the option to make it so they cannot join back. EITHER I AM MISTAKEN AND IT IS JUST A COOLDOWN THAT THEY CAN’T JOIN BACK, OR IT IS ACTUALLY A THING, IDK!

  3. So I think 10 users must agree for it to take action, and some users can reject for it to stop. So I had an idea. For everyone below DW, they have to have 15 users to accept, but 7 users denying and it is rejected. For those over W, only 10 people can accept and still 7 people can deny.

  4. CP+ can fully cancel the votekick, and whoever made the votekick can cancel it too. I have seen people who are doing their job but get kicked.

Criminal FF

LR & MR cannot enter the city, as it is classed as spawn killing, so I had an idea. Make a force field that lasts 15-20 seconds for the Criminals. This can give Criminals time to escape, and they can get to the guns in that time. (Usually)

Avatar When Escape

Since you have to die/be refreshed when you leave the Prison to get your avatar, I thought that the game can automatically refresh you.

New Badge

A badge called Dangerous can be made, and awarded to players who kill their first Guard. Might not be the best but could be added!


And yeah, that is all of my ideas! I would love it if you comment your ideas, but for now, have a lovely day!

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What if there’s no cp I the server.

I agree for the most part, silver man.
Especially the level-up gamepass, like seriously.

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Hmm, possibly just the DW+ count.