Different team limits?

I understand why team limits exist and I know that they won’t be removed but, what about some different team limits or mechanisms?

Option 1- Create a new team for SI+ to join (basically a MR team).
Option 2- Increase the limits for each team (although this may not be the best option).
Option 3- Make anyone with the HR admin, HR+ admin, SHR admin, and Creator admin allowed to, when hosting/supervising a session, they can turn off team limits for more attendees and then turn them back on.
Option 4- Make a new team for CAO only and CAO may only join this team, as they are recruits and I do not know why they are allowed to already become a Correctional Staff (this also may not be the best option).
Option 5- Allow SI+ (Or even W+) to bypass the team limits.


Pretty controversial topic not gonna lie but i think Option 1 seems balanced. Making teams for MR, LR and HR would be great, all with 7 person limit. High office would be also other team with max 3 people, but i think they won’t add anything from it



It’s useless ngl.



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