Discord Intel server reports

At the minute you’re only able to make one report at a time in the Intel Discord, however sometimes it can take a few days for your report to be dealt with and closed, which isn’t Ideal when multiple things happen that need reporting.

I suggest increasing the amount of reports you can have active to 3, because otherwise you have to keep the evidence taking up storage space on your PC.

You can report up to 3 people in a report
And reports really dont take multiple days

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How do you even get in to the intel server i really wanna Co on some shifts or trainings but i need to be ing bot comms and intel

For co hosting you need to be CP+. “2000 hours+ active” - :nerd_face:

:confused: 2000+ hours?
jerryomgxu - CP

Okay Shut up @hankschrader911 I have played 2000+ hours total but Just lost em all

No. Don’t even lie. If you had 2000 hours in the game you would have been over level 2000. And even if you did, why didnt you apply for a level trasnfer with the reset?

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Did not know about the discord

And when i got it in they were over

How you get in intel and be fd

To get FD be a CP and get promoted from CP-FD, intel is posted in the state view comms server.

1.Someone guy named Streakyspa abused me in elec chair ,

Hello! To handle a report with EC abusing, please do the following:

  1. Join our intel server (Stateview Administration).

  2. Verify using “/verify.”

  3. Open a ‘Game Reports’ ticket and follow the format there. ( Discord )

I must unfortunately say evidence is required and screenshots will not suffice. If you have sufficient evidence, feel free to follow the stops above.

Hope this helped,

  • Callum [SI, Training Support Agent]


Please don’t revive 2 year dead topic.