Elect Your In-Game Representatives

Elect Your In-Game Representatives for a Better Stateview

Hey there, Stateview Community,

I’ve got a suggestion that could take our in-game prison adventure to the next level. How about we elect representatives for Low Rank, Middle Rank, and High Rank staff members?

These reps will be your direct line to the folks who run the show. They’ll keep an eye on how you’re doing and feeling in the game, collect your thoughts, tackle challenges, and team up with our Chief of Staff and other high-ranking personnel to make your gaming experience top-notch.

Let’s work together to transform Stateview into the ultimate gaming haven for staff at every rank.

Best Regards,

Facility Director - Certified High Rank
Stateview Overseer Command

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i agree with this, i would appreciate to have more power than other mrs as my current lack of power is getting to me mentally, being mr representative would mean a lot to me

Are you a middle rank of a low rank?, because the liklyhood of you been elected might be slimer if you are a middle rank

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the likelyhood of me being elected is almost at 99% percent. everyone is standing behind me. everybody loves me. meanwhile you are just a facility director. you are unable to represent the needs of the majority of SIs. i am way more suited for this position

But if you are a CAC then you should be in the bracket of High rank because that is your group, i think, so you might need to compete againts some PC and stuff.

im not cac that bio is over a year old lol

I agree with you, they can oversee the others, for LR i suggest that the person req should be former FD+ as he/she would know much more and better and actually help!

If implemented mars_corp might win LR

I dont know, maybe, but we could do like a test to check if all W+ are capable of even doing few “Mini community” tasks to see if they are relyble to be trusted… maybe a SI can take control of LR…

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Yea, that is a lot better too!

For the MR i think it could be given to a MR (CP+) or beginning HR( like a cac) and they have the responsibility to check on sections hosts, check for there demands and see what can be improved between the MR officers.
I dont suggest give it to PC+ because they have another mentality to us MR so it would not be a good way to see our point of view.

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Isn’t that roughly what CM does?

We need people that we can talk to about our rank problems, Not secretive CM.

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The rank sections differ drastically.
For example the LR section has over 99% of Stateview in it. Having 1 person represent that much many people wouldn’t be good. What would be better is if we split the ranks into different sub-categories or something easier.
But I don’t really know about this would take to much planning.