Facility Director High Command Team

Facility Director should be allowed to go on the HC team in-game

This is because in the discord it says we are HR.
We can punish people.
We can do much other stuff.
It makes it so hard to earn the HC role if we have to get to CAC.

Give me your thoughts!!!

Then, HC Would be useless. If this applied Most Department’s would be able to use HC.

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The ‘high rank’ role just means you have high rank permissions. It does NOT mean you are a HR. FD’s are a MR.

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:man_facepalming: FD is a MR rank for a reason. The High Command team grants you a lot of permissions that a FD shouldn’t have. By the way, stop trying to gain more power in SV with these suggestions. (We know that you are FD!)


Dear @JOKLR1234

This will not happen since FD´s are Middle rank check out Company Rank Information to see which ranks are really HR. The role High Rank in the Discord Server just means you have High Rank permissions such as Ingame Perms but nothing more only CAC+ are able to join the HC Team ingame and there will be no changes about this decision there were reasons for this.

Kind regards
Chief of Staff
Leadership Personnel
Game Administration Deputy Director
Stateview Discord Moderation

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Thank you for clarifying this.

CAC shouldn’t even be able to punish, It should be PC+ imo.

That would result in a lack of moderation, especially if GA is busy.

This is also very bias since your a FD :sob:
But yeah this would make HC useless