FD hosting shifts

FD should be able to host a shift with a CAC+ as ranker because it just takes more time to find one as opposed to just being able to click a button on bloxcord where you put the hardest workers in and it ranks them.

FDs can already host a shift on their own.

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FD’s can already solo shifts with no supervisor and FD- Need a CAC+ ranker…

Yeah so they’d need a ranker and I don’t see the point of that when it just takes a lot longer to find one

Its better to have a CAC+ ranker as it removes the chance of Fd’s Abusing…

Hello Dark1,

Session ranking via BloxCord cannot be relied on 100% of the time, most of the time it does not rank session passers properly.

Additionally, staff personnel ranked Facility Director can’t be trusted with ranking permissions due to the high risk of them abusing said permissions.

Prison Commissioner,
Stateview Community Management