Features that should be added to the game!

As a player that plays a lot I have some ideas on what should be brought to the game.

  1. Pepper spray - so guards don’t have to taser or shoot inmates.
  2. Max cell for guards - only high ranks can use and it can be used for if you are abouseing your power or for bulling but you can get a g-ban if continued after being put in max.
  3. Chose time for solitary and maximum cells - so you type the reason or reasons you are putting the inmate in for and then they get put in for that time depending on what has been done. But when you do so there is a 10 second cool-down but if aboused a high rank can put a 4 minute cool-down for you.
  4. A panic button - so if you need help you can press it immediately and it gives your location and it says user needs immediate help.
    And I will add to this if I think more is needed. But I think if these are done it will make a big change.

Hello thepro1411,

  1. I like this idea as a whole, and I think it should be added; however it should not replace tasers and/or firearms.
  2. There is no reason for this to be added, this feature would be abused and overall serves no purpose. Administrators and those with authority will punish rule breakers as seen fit pursuant to the Moderation Guidelines found here. If you encounter a rule breaker, I encourage you to report them via our intel server or use the modcall command in-game to call a game administrator.
  3. No, just no. This would be abused and I believe that it is self explanatory as to why, I do however like the idea of putting a reason for placing inmates in maximum security/solitary confinement.
  4. I like the idea of this, however I think that it should be a feature that could be used via the in-game radio.

Facility Director,
Stateview Community Management