First person glitch

So when i was playing SV, I got killed but when i respawned i was in first person and i could not zoom out again then i leaved to write this topic, Please fix it.

I had same things. I gived up and I had camera Like while having a gin.

Try to press “O” on your keyboard

its a roblox issue not SV.

stupid more characters

I did that to but still in first person

It’s a Roblox issue, but you can report this to Roblox support; but they might not respond, or fix the issue at all


Mobile only for sure, or you can enter menu and then close, should work. Also this works same for every other camera glitch on roblox-side. Dunno why you pinged me about that (it’s June topic, yet is still a problem, but shouldn’t be THAT relevant or anything. Also, as long as I remember, this is only android issue, haven’t seen this on iOS but maybe it all goes to how and why it happens on android side. For me it happened: when I took a screenshot / when I opened QS or pulled status bar down / notifications (not like all, but when you pull them down). So… It should go to roblox fully, but at the same time iOS does not have these problems at all, even with jailbreak and those stuff like PiP, etc… Weird, also weird that YOU PINGED ME WITHOUT ANY ADDITION!! @Lua