Fix aiming in mobile

Whenever I touch to aim in the guns it shoots and I can’t aim and when I try to aim while shooting then it starts reloading and I get killed by criminals

Tapping to shoot on mobile will be disabled in the next update to help with this. For the best playing experience I would recommend playing on a desktop or a laptop.


It would be better to add back tapping to shoot on mobile because sometimes the fire button doesn’t appear so i can’t shoot the gun.

It would be better if you fix the fire button and knock button cause when i am in training the tap to shoot just wasted me almost half of the bullet and ending up failed to kill the target
(but it is too far tbh)

I think you should make it so that only Desktop/Laptop players can play Stateview. Since playing on mobile can have some bugs.

That would decrease the player count far too much, I think even Immi plays on mobile. No, that would just be unfair for mobile players

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Yes it will be unfair for players who want to enjoy the game but doesn’t have a pc or laptop.