Fix Discord Thread Insanity

Discord sub-channel threads are here, and nowhere have I seen them implemented worse than at the Stateview Discord server (surprise surprise). The current system goes:

  • Ask a moderator for permission to make a thread
  • Make the thread

What happens if you didn’t ask for permission? You get a warning. How do you find this information? You read a pinned message. Yes, a pinned message, somewhere in the pins list, which is effectively a staff-only unfunny memes channel.

The Solution(s)
You could let everyone make threads as and when they like, but I understand the staff still want to be able to suppress topics and opinions they don’t like, so let’s move on to the next option:

Just make the moderators create the threads!
I am baffled as to why whoever set the role permissions up ignored this lovely feature right here.
Maybe this whole situation was dreamed up by moderators with no permission to fix it. Maybe they aren’t aware of this toggle. Maybe they assume the users are too stupid to know (which they probably are). Maybe it’s part of a larger-scale scheme to create the illusion of freedom. Who knows? All we know is it’s completely insane, and it should be fixed before it causes any more problems.

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This man is smart
100% agreed, the system we have rn is terrible

We actually need this, if there are any discord moderators seeing this, could you please do this?

Yeah, when I’m on mobile i keep making threads on accident. The threads need to be removed 100%.

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