Fix radio saying “Your message has failed to send”

The Bug is I can’t talk on the Radio To talk to other staff
A lot
I forget when it occurs
The text said the Message had failed to send
Sadly I don’t have a video

Just ignore it, others can still see your messages

Use the search function before posting something.

Dear @akxlsk14350,

Please search up the forum before posting a same bug. A topic to this bug has already been made by somebody else. Please ignor the message occurs in the radio Box its a already known bug but your message still get through and other ppl can see it in the radio box so don´t worry.

Kind regards

Just leave it under bug reports. If 4d sees a few bug reports with the same reason he will most likely fix it earlier


Ya um. It’s still a bug. Don’t recategorize it.

Yeah, my b. I changed it back.

We can still see your message. I dont think it really even matters. I also doubt they will fix any minor bugs since a new version is being released.