Gamepasses, crates/skins

Can you bring back 2xhealth for another limited time, I feel like it has been gone for some time and if it comes back on 500K members update, that would be cool.

Since there are cars and guns, maybe add a few skins which can be obtained by crates by playing the game frequently. Also, a bank is being added so there would be things to rob and we can use it as currency to buy crates?

There can be 2 crates, weapon crates, and vehicle crates. There can be common, uncommon, rare, and legendary/epic. For the weapons, it can be color and from rare+ it can be cool decals on the gun.

For the vehicle crates, the same thing but there would be only decals/spray paint designs since the criminal cars are already in various colors.

For the staff team vehicles, there can be different police cars colors but the same stickers/decals default.

If this is being considered, don’t make too many decals/colors for everything as it will make it “too much”. And make the crates hard to obtain which will still keep the “classic type of SV” and not every person in the server will have it.

For new gamepasses, maybe make a vehicle gamepass which would cost 300-500 robux. Any vehicle for both staff team and criminals.

No if you want something like that play jailbreak or something

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So what will the in game cash be spent on, a bank is coming and so is a currency in the game