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I made this for support this is public support so anyone can answer your questions. Please don’ reply about getting ranks “Buy it” because that’s not the smart way.

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I was 2 times in a training and didn’t get promoted for no reason. What I have to do to get still the promotion? pls do a pm on discord

You didn’t got promoted, because you didn’t passed the training. You do not get ranked from every training, you’re in. It could also be because you’re on the CD.

why there is no general category

So basically I got 2 game passes while the old version of the game was out, since it’s closing the gamepasses had not been transferred to the new one. And I’m kinda mad considering I spent 500 robux on them, was wondering if someone could help me out.

DM CAC+ on discord and show your inventory with these game passes in it.

wow my Q&A Public support is on firee

Can yall disable the phone verification for the Intel server. Not everyone has a valid phone, or even a phone. At least level 3 is enough. Level 4 is quite extreme.

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nobody will say why i cant make stupid posts on general on this forum :frowning:

wew this is dieing lets keep the Q&A Alive ask questions be ceruous spell stuff wrong be pro advertise seebee and whatever

but still no one answered why theres no categories not releted to this game

Hello. I was trying to access the rules forum for in-game staff and it keeps saying, “Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private.” Please help, as I’m trying to learn as much as possible about Stateview Correctional, but cannot seem to do so with this error. Thanks!

I di not work becuase the page is delted, but google stil thinks it exists

So, is there not a forum that states the staff rules and regulations?

There are regulations here. But no rules.

Do we have a full rulebook somewhere? As it would probably help people learning the rules faster, I still got to know new rules ar lvl 75. As the current only way of knowing rules is having other people explain it.

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I am a level 90. A rulebook would be helpful. I think they have it in discord, but i dont use it.

Nope, they have only rules for discord in there.

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How do I report someone to the moderation team for breaking game rules?

still need mental help on question: WHY THERE IS NO OFF-TOPIC