Give HR+ admin the give command

This is really useful in trainings, as we need to be able to give cadets glocks. I understand there are downsides to this, such as abuse but it is really useful. The only real issue I see with this is abusers giving themselves random weapons.

What do y’all think?

Aren’t you COS? I agree, but how would that help you?

Dear @90yahBOSS,

I understand your approach, that this can be useful for sessions, especially when cadets take part. Unfortunately, I have to tell you that your suggestion cannot be accepted, especially because this can be abused too much and since you could give you weapons that only OC have or paid weaponsthat are forbidden to you and that is why they were decided unanimously that HR+ does not have access to such commands.

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Chairman of the Board
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Maybe make a system where only glocks can be given.

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Yeah, like a command like “grantglock ” or smth

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paid weapons like hb and tec9 cannot be given with give command and nor can oc weapons be given

Dear @blahlols13,

That’s not fully true ig since i tested it in a priv Server couple of months ago and i was able to hand me out the AWP with the give command maybe it was fixed now but idk.

Yeah that would be great for session Host’s and Co-Host’s

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Yeah those were the issues, rank buyers. Thanks for understanding tho.

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i agree and im not even hr, makes sessions much easier but abuse still