Give inmates more accessibility to weapons

Make it easier to get weapons as a inmate. I have advantage since I have robux and can buy weapons but think about the people that can’t it makes the game really hard to escape almost impossible. If you were to make this change it would positively affect those whom aren’t fortunate enough to have enough money to spend on a game they might possibly not play after one time. I do understand the point is to prevent people from escaping but I just find it quite boring not being able to attack guards. Now you don’t have to give away free weapons you could also add punching and making a crafting system to make makeshift stuff like shanks and maybe even escape tools hammers, screw driver etc. Just to add that little bit more fun aspect for the inmate.


That would be awesome, i 100% agree with punching and a crafting system.

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Yes defo allot of people on stateview do not have robux (excluding basically all HRs)
And punching guards would be cool but on mobile make there a punch button
And crafting would be epic

I absolutely disagree. It only takes one person to leaaave all the doors open and boom, everyone can escape and sometimes i even see ert door wide open. Adding this would make stateview disliked and a nonstop raid game, remember stateview isn’t something like jailbreak, its a RP game.