Give PI new features

Has anyone noticed that PI is the only LR without any new features? Every other rank gets new features/permissions so why doesn’t PI get one aswell? I say, make PI+ able to access all the panels that control doors (except for CR panel). It’s kinda useless but it’s atleast a new feature.

Bro… PI+ gets access to the cameras. Also, any pannel room is COMM+. Only LD is DW+.

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Arent all panels DW+? (givemewords)

No. All control rooms are COMM+. All pannels are COMM+. Cameras are PI+. And lockdown is DW+.

no, power hungry


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What’s your rank?


:joy: man ive never seen someone this hungry :smiley:

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I’m not even PI (givemecharacters)

But you still wan perms when you become PI. Power hungry.

They already have something new. Read the guides.

Just tell me what rank are you and I’ll think about it.

Because most LRs don’t even care about their perms.

Then tell me why you are trying to give them perms. Most of them don’t even know what perms are.