Glitched Chairs

So in every server I join, there are chairs that are glitched, it’s annoying when you try to sit with other inmates but you can’t. This pretty much happens every time… usually with the same seats. You can find the glitched chair’s/seats in the Command Room, lunch room, cell block, yard, and much more places.
Just walk up to a chair/seat, and if you can’t sit on it walk around it, jump, etc- and you should find it.
I have no idea if this is just a feature or it is a glitch…


pugsforeveryeet, Deputy Warden

Seats and chairs are so broken, sometimes they will be in the wrong spot and you will clip through the model, sometimes the chair will be in the air and you will be basically floating. And if you stay there for more than 2 seconds, you are getting votekicked or going to max or solitary.

Yeah, I was a inmate once, and I accidently sat on a flying chair, then a MO just cuffed me and put me in solitary…

I know how to cause the glitched chairs by the way. But I need to record it first…

Yes this is very true I see this all the time

Yes there are random invisible seats all over the map you see people sitting in the air a lot.

Yeah, I remember chairs being in the SR a couple of times.

The gltich sometimes happens when someone does the bring command on you and ur sitting on a chair so it brings the chair and not you me and blub tested it in my private server once @Blub20074

Okay so, just simply double click on an inmate sitting on a chair while using your cuffs. Done.

Basic admin alr fixed it in the recent patch