Glitchin inside showers

Glitching in showers

  • Description: There is a place where you can glitch in shower from above. this could be really OP for criminals.
  • How often does it occur: Everytime you do it
  • Where does it occur: Behind session room next to the vents over shower. Next to cell block you can go there (if you cant find it DM me on discord: Jonder#7747)
  • How to reproduce: go to the shown place and glitch yourself up
  • Video showing the bug: Video

Yeah I know this is bad I’ve seen criminals using left right and centre

But- we can kill two birds with one stone

Solution: completely block out the area from the top of showers to the end of the bit bye the cell block if you don’t understand what I mean the link is in the post bye @hankschrader911 and at the start of there you can see what I mean.

Yeah, I feel like it is kinda like a fast travel system for crims. When somebody blocks it of it would work.