Glitching inmates into SR to disturb

Well, I saw a lot of abuses of disturbing an active session by a person taking an alt and glitching into SR by the back side of accuracy room. My idea is basically do a srlock that can take that part, so alts can’t get glitched, or just make a little empty room that inmate will fall when glitched, So the disturbing can be automatically under control…

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Yeah, I agree with this. Multiple times when a session is created and is Locked for the first time, I have seen CAO and correction officers glitch max or solitary inmate into the accuracy room, and that almost always equals a mass killing, so I think the SRlock should go right to the end of the accuracy room, but it should make a empty space where the stairs are so you could still get to the SR room.

Yeah, Just extend it a little lefting space only for stairs and will be perfect. No one will can glitch inmates in it, As if they glitch with SRLock extended they will go to another place not Accuracy room.