Glitching into Session Room

  • Description : When you go in the camera room you can glitch into the Session Room.
  • How often does it occur : Every time.
  • Where does it occur : In the camera room next to Session Room
  • How to reproduce : Sit down on one of the tree chairs with a cuffed Inmate, then jump and quickly face the wall while walking towards it. You have to do it very fast.
  • Video showing the bug : None since I didn’t record it and I don’t want to ask anyone to redo it. However I tried with a friend of mine and it worked.

So uhh just don’t glitch
See anyone doing it go and report them

I don’t use the glitch i’m just saying that some people are abusing it.

I don’t know. I don’t see it however.

Then go report them for glitching (I wish that roguard would ban them for exploiting lol)