Good suggestion ( Would be beneficial for interaction/ enjoyment of game )

Doors self close, this would be beneficial in a lot of ways we won’t have to remind people to close doors etc and would decrease the servers being like Iraq.

Actual inmate jobs such as cleaners, chefs etc ( Where they have a purpose like the jail would be dirty and cleaners would clean. )

Weekly meetings. Host a meeting on a exact day every week and discuss topics that concern people etc this would also boost community interaction.

First suggestion I disagree although it is annoying it would make it impossible for them to escape. If they cant escape there will be no criminals then the game will collapse.

Second I strongly agree as it would make it more fun for them.

Third: agree but it would just end up being CP, FD, CAC and BOG and I’m sure they do that already

I agree with the self closing doors because most new COs, MOs, and ERTs don’t close the doors. Make the timer for the close ten seconds. But if the power gets shut down, the doors won’t auto close.
I also like the job part because sometime being an inmate is boring. It would make it more fun.

  • Roblox_Superfan9977, Warden of SVCF

I thought modern day prisons have auto closing doors? And escaping prison is supposed to be hard. I agree with the auto closing doors. Just add a feature that when the power gets shut off, the doors won’t auto close. Plus with the city update, it’s a bit harder to get the crim weapons.

  • Roblox_Superfan9977, Warden of SVP.

yes but its a game u have to give the prisoners a chance to escape or there will be no prisoners. Modern day prisons probably do but pretty much no one escapes those