Guide to making a SV cape

Hi all! Today i will be making a step-by-step guide to making a cape for Stateview! The guide will include: How to make a cape, How to upload it onto ROBLOX and insert the image. If you would like a cape made by me (For free) Please contact me on discord at > I like Chez#2402 .


Before you continue you must own the donator cape what costs i think 450R.

First you must make your cape. For the cape i used i put a pic of the ROBLOX avatar, I put “Stateview High rank” Under it and i drew a little simile face :grinning: .
SV cape


After making the cape it would be recommended that you drag the cape you just made to your computer desktop for easy access.

Now you will want to go to the develop page of ROBLOX. Then you will go under “My creations” And press “Decals”
(4) Develop - Roblox and 1 more page - Profile 2 - Microsoft​ Edge 7_4_2021 7_34_31 PM


Now all from here you have to press “Upload file” Insert the cape you made name it and upload it.


Now open up the decal you just made and go up to the website address, And Copy those digits.


Now you will want to go into stateview for the last step. First say !cape and it will bring up the cape UI and put down the digits from the decal if it does now show the correct decal just press keep looking until you find it! Press apply and your done!


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Idk this guide is kinda useful ngl

I guess at least /charactersss

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