Have wardens Co-Host in shifts

I thinks Wardens should co-host in shifts because whenever there is a CP hosting, it’s always gonna be another CP that will host and it’s just not fair to the CP that is co-hosting because they are at the same rank. So it will be best if You add like a CP hosting and a Warden Co-hosting.

NO, NO, NO, NO. JUST NO. ITs already hard enough to reach quota, and 90% of the wardens cant be trusted and doesn’t use grammar

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Ok, well I can see why you said that. I kind of expected the amount of wardens that don’t use grammar wi=ould be lower. But your opinions :slightly_smiling_face:

I disagree in my opinion since there are 5 thousand+ Wardens. So it’d be chaos because many Wardens will be surrounding the host begging to be co-host. As a Warden, I am fine in just helping for trainings as it is already enough.

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Hi there,

Im sorry to say it like this but this is just a really bad idea. It would involve a Warden invasion followed by many HRs getting reformed because they can not meet quota.

Signed, helloo20l - Warden (Yes im a Warden and against this)

No wardens can already help in trainings and RPC they don’t needed to be able to Co-host also some wardens can’t be trusted.

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Helpin in RPCs??? What??? I dont get what you mean

Riot protocols

I know what RPCs are but what does he mean with helping in RPCs? I never saw a warden helping in a RPC

Wardens or any rank higher than that can help in RPCs.

Really? I never saw anyone helping in RPCs

A CP told me it would be CP+ so im a bit confused, may somebody xleqr this up?

Wardens can help in RPCs and training

I thought CP+ can. I must be wrong then.

I think this is a good idea because i am a Warden

Personally, no. This will just be hard for all CP+ to do their quota.

Uh you do realize how stupid that sounds: “I think its a good idea because IM a Warden and it would be nice for ME” while you don’t think about the other things that will happen.

Only FD+ (Facility Director) can help a Riot Protocal session.

So uh if you wanted to put your opinion on this topic I would’ve let it slide

But responding to someone that already knows what the answer is like BRO WTF

Also like you know he posted this when he was a warden

I replied to someone else -