Hosting that first shift

Your Very first shift!

Alright, let me clear this up for my newly promoted CPs.
I’ll be splitting this up into 5 sections.

  • General Info
  • Session Duration
  • Administration professionalism
  • Administration communication
  • Administration participation

Picking a good session administration
Okay, first things first, I recommend that you read the shift forum that can be found here to make sure you have the basic comprehension of hosting. Also remember that the evacuation drill requires the most members, with the Lockdown drill requiring the least. Remember that now.

  • Shifts should NEVER have helpers.
  • Requires 5 Attendees to start.
  • Host must be CP+
  • Co-Host must be SI+
  • Supervisor must be FD+
  • Ranker Must be CAC+ (or alternatively, FD with Elevated High Rank permissions)
  • Spectators must be a game administrator, in Overseer Command, or be PC+, or alternatively, CAC with elevated HR permissions)
  • Camera-Operator is PI+
  • Drill Instructor is DW+
  • Captain is W+
  • Drill Instructors are optional for LD
  • 1 Drill Instructor required for blackout
  • 2 Drill Instructors required for evacuation,
    (Evacuation requires a member of OC spectating or in session administration. Alternatively, a BOG+ may activate evacuation.)

Patrol tips:

  • Throughout your entire shift, you should patrol the entire prison at least once.
  • NEVER disregard status. You should always be checking in on the status of the prison!
  • Check up on your attendees. Ask attendees what their status is, where they are, is where they are clear? Do they need backup? Last time I checked, you aren’t a mind reader. So, make sure to ask!
  • Check FG (Front gate)! If you never check up on FG, that isn’t great patrolling. Make sure to check up on FG at least twice during your shift, and always maintain communication with your scouts.

Session Duration

You first shift should last about 30 minutes in total
Drill Time:

Lockdown - 3-5 minutes .
Blackout - 4-6 minutes .
Evacuation - 5-7 minutes . `

Your intro phase shouldn’t last any longer than 12 minutes. (8 minutes of time AVERAGE) after dismissal, your posts phase should last about 7 minutes (15) then, begin your drill, it depends on what drill you do, but generally it should last 5 minutes. (20 minutes) next begin a short intermission. This phase should only last about 3 ish minutes. (23 minutes) next, call back your attendees, and mark them, this is callback phase which only usually lasts about 2 minutes (25 minutes) and the picture, ranking / announcing hardest workers, and then dismissal, should last about 5-6minutes. This time is just what should happen. In total, this should last around 30-31 minutes. This doesn’t account for any delays.

Administration Professionalism

When you’re hosting, make sure to use grammar! Not using grammar, being disrespectful, and just being unprofessional in general can tank your grade. You could have the most perfect shift, perfect timings, perfect patrolling, good communication, but if you are disrespectful, act unprofessional and not use grammar whatsoever, that can bring a 9.5 or a 10 all the way down to a 4 or a 5. So always be kind and use grammar! The same also goes for your co-host.

Administration communication

You should always be asking for the status of all of the attendees. Make sure to also be reporting around the prison. Reporting about prison is essential in good communication. Also, certain roles have certain questions you should ask, as well as some things you can also say to your attendees. I will list a few examples:

Scout, what is the status of the Front Gate? - Scout
Captain, can I have a status update? - Captain
All units, what is your status? - All
What is the status of [Area of the prison]? - All
Can patrol check out [Area Inside the prison]? - Patrol
Response to [Area of the map], we need backup immediately! - Response
Camera Operator, what is the status of [Room with camera access]? - Camera Operator
Drill Instructor, what is the status of [Drill being hosted]? - Drill Instructor
Making sure to maintain communication with your attendees!

Administration Participation

In the shift, there should be as little participation from the supervisor as possible. If the supervisor has to end phases, and mark passers, then that’s just bad look for the host. The host should be doing majority of the work. Occasionally, the co-host should mark passers via BloxCord as the host assists in said marking. Just a reminder, there can only be 4 passers per phase. Also, when attendees return, either the host or co-host should “tick” attendees, which basically means to check if they were in the shift at the beginning or not. Also, depending on the drill, it should be activated by the supervisor. (For Blackouts, the co-host should be guarding the janitor’s closet. Lockdowns should be started by the supervisor.)


Brooooooooooo. I’ll DM you with questions THANK YOU.

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You need 5 Attendee’s to start with.

Add: there are no helpers allowed in shifts

Add 2-5 Mins for ranker to respond and rank up [If any CAO-DW Passer’s without CD]

Thank you all for the suggestions! I will be adding them shortly!

I’m not a CP, but I’m just curious to see this… I’m on CD at the Warden rank and waiting to come off cooldown and get promoted to SI. Hope this helps me soon.

You have along way to go bud


Bro… Don’t say that, that’s a little discouraging

No it is not. I’m just saying it will take quite some time.

Remember to get a CAC+ ranker\


I think this is a very nice guide. I did not know that Cam-op is PI+ and such. This will help me co-host now, and host in the future.

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I want this post to be as accurate as possible, and in order to do that, I need to know if anything is misinformation or not factual, so don’t be scared to leave a comment! You’re helping tons of other new hosters out.

Cam-op IS PI+.

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Drill Instructor is Warden+


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It is? I swear I remember reading somewhere that they were DW+.

One of my hosts said that DI is W+

ik this is kinda reviving dead posts but spec is pc+ (sorry for the rev)

A dead topic is more like a topic not used for a month+ I think