How are mobile users suppose to host sessions?

I might have this in the wrong category sorry if so

Yeah so how are mobile players supposed to host sessions because every time you look at the guide it disconnects you from the game

Yes Ik there are too things that you can do you can write the whole guide down or you can buy another device to look at it

But if you could make like a !Training /shift/RPC/inspection and it would make you fill out all the things you need to do on disc and send it to the discord server and when you’ve done that it will show you a guide depending on which session your hosting please add this it will help a lot.

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I already thought about that, you probably can use the clipboard function (Idk about Apple devices but Android has this function) so you can copy everything what you need and then use the clipboard. Idk but I think this is the best way.

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Yr, on apple you can either use multi tasking, or text replacement (like setting in settings that s1 = first line of a shift)