How do I stop roguard kicking me from every server when I have no cheats or hacks at all?

So when I join a server some times it will kick me straight away and sometimes it will kick me like when Im getting Into the game but it crashes my Roblox so I have to start again is there a way to stop this?

Maybe some of your background programs are detected as cheats by roguard, try uninstalling every program that you don’t use, if this does not work, make a fresh copy of Windows (don’t worry about the license, it is claimed by your motherboard).


@CaptainNoNo15 Roguard automatically kicks people if there internet or device is too slow. Could this be the reason?

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Opt-out of the Roblox beta client. Tutorial

Wait, but then, cant they do that and hack?

You must turn your graphics down to not have lag, if you have lag the Ro-Guard can detect that you are exploiting or walking through walls with the help of Roblox FPS Unlocker.