How Do you use the Cape

I’m going to be buying the gamepass for capes but I’ve asked around and nobody has told me how to put an image on the cape or how to make a custom image for the cape.

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Sorry, I can’t help you with capes, but I would if I can. I’m not sure if you need Donor perks…and I don’t know how to get them, sorry.

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You must have the Admin Gamepass first, then you can use the “!cape” command to buy the Donor Perks.

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No, It also works with the 500 robux Donor gamepass and the command !cape also allows for hats,Capes,Faces, And you don’t need to admin gamepass to buy the donor gamepass


To make custom image got to photoshop or any site or app that allows to customize images and make a image you like then export then upload it to roblox then get its id and go to Sv then do !cape then look for Cape id or smth like that and put the id there then press the done button or finish.


Join a discord server like cape industries and they’ll make you one for about 100 robux.



Oh, it got changed since? I thought it was still mandatory to have the admin first. Then my bad!

Hey normo,

You can create a cape through various means, first you’ll need to own Stateview Donor Perks.

  • Run the !cape command in-game.
  • You can choose a basic cape, the cape provided by ROBLOX; or you can create your own.
  • You can use a website such as Photopea and/or Photoshop to create your own custom cape.
  • If you choose to create your own custom cape, upload the file as a decal to the ROBLOX Creator Dashboard here. From there, copy the ID and paste it into the cape prompt in-game.
  • If you do plan on creating a custom ROBLOX cape, I would recommend using the dimensions 1240 x 512.

I hope this helped.

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To use the cape, you need to go onto the settings, by typing: “!cape” That way, you can equip it, by clicking apply, and selecting your preferred customisation. If you want me to make you a cape, DM me!

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