How to actually work as Correction staff. (Guide)

First of all.
How to deal with inmates:
When inmate is escaping just cuff hem and return to his zone.
(For example inmate escaped form lunch and going to CB).
Arrest: arrest created for criminals to make them back,to inmates.but for example when inmate is escaped long away from his zone or just want for exp.
Fire/kill: When Inmate get 3 warns,he can be killed
Or when he rioting.
For example:i’m want to enter showers,but inmates are rushing.i’m giving them 3 warns and after 3 warn i opening door and firing them (not killing).
For example: i want go to showers ,but inmates rushing into the door,i give them usually
3 warns,after 3 warn i opening door and firing them (and they steping back).

We have different statuses in statiview.they switching in some time.
First of all will be cell block.
Cell block is place where prisoners hang out.
They peoples too,not animals, don’t lock them in cells.
Lunch: like cell block,but without inmates breaking and feeding, Don’t forget to put
Danger of them in solitary.

Showers: Don’t know what to say.showers are too small,and there easy to make riot or escape.
Favourite Yard: Yard is biggest zone for inmates.
Here they escaping though balcony (but they can’t jump down so that’s uselees or they want to troll you).
Also i would arrest inmates that in get 2 exp per inmate.

Today (for me) was a situation when we (correction staff) can’t close gate and all inmates was armored. And continued like 20 minutes.
So keep gate closed.keep a eyes,yard towers doors can be opened.close them!

Ld:when ld,you should close doors behind you (100%)
And make sure inmates are in cells ,or locked.

Sincerely and signed by Comm-PI

My own guide :moyai:

Decent guide, needs a little improvement. There are some useless rules I think should be removed. All the rules are in the staff information section.

What rules should i remove here then?

Also this is just my owner Expirenced,i maybe not know something.
That’s ok