How to become a Chairman of the Board

Hello, as a fellow CMOTB is writing this forum post, here are some VERY important tips you can do, to earn your way up to CMOTB.

Tip #1:
If you are a ro-gangster like me, you know it’s hard to rankup in big groups, BUT, there is a way you can bypass these limitations, all you need to do, is know the owner irl, and that guarantees your spot as a high rank, with ease ofc. Just track the owner down, fly out to them, become friends with them, then get the rank, it’s simple, really!

Tip #2:
Be a smart person, the Chairman team, are always looking for smart and very epicccc educated people. If you can speak the following languages, HTML, Java, SV#1, SV, GayVIEW, and Indonesian, you can become a Chairman of the Board!

Tip #3:
This is the last tip. This is the most important tip. Always be a active ro-gangster, if u is active as heccc in the Gayview discord server, u instantly become a Chairman of the Board, its so freaking ezzz.

Guys! These are my epic tips from a Chairman himself, ty sm for reading

Ro-Gangster Chairman

this not a joke, trust :)
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Very helpful. I appreciate the help.

I strongly disagree

Signed Bang

No problem, always trying to help the community!! :slight_smile:

I strongly agree >:( SIRRRRRRRR

Ratio + yb better
Signed your dad

OMG! It’s working!! 100% legit works.

Oh my this is 100 percent legit try this and you’ll be promoted in a day’!!!