How to direct message in the game?

Well, I don’t know how to private message in Stateview, and I hope you guys can help me. Please do not send troll answers like “press Alt+F4” or something. Thanks for(correct) answers!

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You need to buy the admin commands gamepass to use the pm (message) command. You can’t otherwise unless you are a SV/HR admin.

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Okay, thank you. Because It would be a useful feature for LR.

It wouldn’t “be a useful feature for LR” considering it’s of no need yet it will definetely be abused. If you think so, please reply to this topic with a reasoning.


Hello, there is a way to get rid of abusers; the game may keep chatlogs, PM logs, and admin logs, which I believe they currently do. And if someone abuses it, admins can join and deal with the person responsible.

You can use the PM command if you have basic admin or a higher admin level.


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